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The next time you go shopping for gifts or even regular items, consider making your purchase go the extra mile by benefitting those in need.

Battle Against HIV/AIDS : https://www.red.org/products/

(RED) partners with the world’s most iconic brands to create (RED) versions of products and services. When you buy or do (RED) things, your choice impacts millions of people affected by HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa.

Rehabilitate Girls Who are Victims of Sexual Abuse: https://shop.rafikimwema.com

Rafiki Mwema helps girls cope with the traumatic experience. They receive medical attention; support through court cases; education; therapy and an empathic environment.

Bottled Water for a Cause: https://www.onedifference.org/our-drinks/

Great tasting, life-changing. They offer a range of still, sparkling, juiced and flavoured waters. The proceeds of the sales go towards providing clean water to rural areas.

Emergency Aid for Victims of Natural Disasters and Political Crisis: https://www.oxfam.org.uk/shop

Fight against poverty by shopping here. You could even donate your old but usable items to the store.

Bracelets that provide housing for women and children in Africa: http://www.madewithloveproject.com/women-of-djenne–lempire-des-enfants.html

These bracelets are made from recycled rubber in Mali. The proceeds fund a center for homeless children in Senegal, providing kids with food, shelter and education.

Eastern Siren is an initiative dedicated to empowering women in every way possible. Issues that we focus on are: women's rights, gender equality, prevention and suspension of human trafficking, ending sexual abuse, women's health, education for all women and girls and empowering the girl child.
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